The Run to La Crosse

In my little corner of the world, Chicagoland, starting a road trip on a weekday often means dealing with traffic. In this particular instance, I had to get through Chicagoland traffic and then see what the greater Milwaukee metro had to offer. This added variety to the mix, since my Illinois route only offered gridlock, while the Milwaukee metro offered extensive construction, too.

But after a little more than three hours, I had managed to get through the vehicular sea of humanity and arrived to pick up my friend Ann.

The Victory Vision is not endowed with spacious side bags, so we had to jockey things around a bit in order to make everything fit. No problem!

Before long we were on our way… and into more construction, this time in the Madison area. It was nasty, but fortunately short lived. A construction truck driver engaged us in some conversation while we were stopped. I have come to appreciate people like that.

The weather threatened us with rain, but never made good on that threat. This suited Ann and me just fine.

And so we rolled, stopping only on occasion, until we reached La Crosse. Met up with a few of the usual Midwest Motorcycle Rally attendees, and ate with a couple of them, too. Tomorrow evening the rally officially opens, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging with me.


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