Some call me MGD…

I have been writing professionally since the late 1990’s. When I’m not writing, I’m out doing things that I can write about later — it’s called living. I am an avid motorcyclist and champion of domestic travel. I am also a lifetime member of the long-term married and with no small amount of help from my wife, have raised two offspring into responsible adulthood. I have maintained friendships that began up to 50+ years ago. These people are important to me and I try to show them that rather than tell them so.

Welcome to my world. We’re all just a little bit crazy here.

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  1. Vicki Copp says:

    Thanks for putting into words what so many feel in their hearts ~ not just for Joe ~but for all our forever friends ! I appreciated your stories of life and laughter . Keep those meaningful works coming Mike ~ You say it best !


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