Epic Journey Day Two — Lincoln to Cheyenne

Following a restful night in Lincoln,  we continued on our journey. The girls took off in our minivan while John, Eddie and I were still packing and prepping the bikes. I guess that makes the van our scout vehicle instead of the chase vehicle.

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At the suggestion of a friend, I began collecting roadside oddities, like fiberglass animals, funny signs, etc. last year. When you travel the Interstates all day, roadside oddities are hard to come by, but thanks to one rest area we stopped at, I made quota before noon.

When traveling, I enjoy eating at places that we don’t have back home. I’ve gone almost a thousand miles so far—I don’t want something I could have had without leaving town. This is why we at lunch at a Runza. We don’t have those at home. What’s a Runza? See Runza.com to find out.

On this trip, we measure our progress in gas stops, one roughly every hundred miles. Being in unfamiliar territory, we generally begin looking after ninety miles have passed. I noticed that as we traveled farther west, across Nebraska, the exits were increasingly fewer and farther between. In the far western part of the state, the hundred mile mark came and went with no exit in sight. We did come upon one in time, though. The service station in Dix, NE wasn’t much to look at, but they had gas, and that made it okay.


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We made it safely to Cheyenne with daylight to spare and went into town for supper. I wish we could spend ample time in places like this, but we are on a tight schedule.

There are so many other things I wish I could have photographed for you, but I was doing 80 mph at the time. This is why having a passenger/photographer on board is a very good thing. I miss having mine on this epic road trip.

The Epic Journey Begins

27751296106_468069a9c8_oIt was for me an unusual way to celebrate Father’s Day, but not a bad one. I was to accompany my son as he took his motorcycle back to school with him, from our home in Plainfield, Illinois to Portland, Oregon. A mutual friend of ours named Eddie had also signed on to do the ride with us, and I am grateful for that, as I am not a good alone person. My wife and one of my sisters were making the same journey by minivan, carrying some of our luggage and also acting as a chase vehicle of sorts.

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We began at the R Place restaurant in Morris, Illinois, to discuss some finer points of our trip as well as fill the old cavity. As an added treat, everybody got a free Father’s Day cupcake. Mine was delicious and I expect my blood glucose levels to be back to normal any day now.

We made a lot of gas stops along the way, as dictated by the smallest fuel tank in the group. But that wasn’t all bad because we were also able to hydrate ourselves each time we stopped. It was very warm out. I carried two frozen bottles of water and one cold-but-not-frozen bottle in a freezable carrying case. They held up well and were all emptied by the time our day had ended.


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We covered about 475 miles from our rendezvous point, nearly all on Interstate 80. That part was brutal at times, but we still had a lot of laughs. Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I’ll be checking in with you from Wyoming. Take care.