Maybe You Can Go Back: Update on The Old Schoolhouse

In October of 2015, I started This Is MGD Time, and my very first post was a piece called “Once Beautiful: The Old Schoolhouse Revisited and Remembered.” I had just taken my friend Ann on a motorcycle day trip and we stopped to see what remained of this restaurant, which was once very special to me. Still is. Anyway, I almost cried…


It sits silently on a hill at the intersection of County DL and Bluff Road…

They say you can never go back. Had it been a mistake to try? I didn’t think so at the time, nor do I now, but I would be lying to say that it didn’t hurt a little to see what had becom…

Source: Once Beautiful: The Old Schoolhouse Revisited and Remembered

Earlier today I happened to be perusing central Wisconsin on Google Maps, for a different purpose, when I happened to see a slightly new name on this familiar landmark: “The Old Schoolhouse Special Events.”


I clicked though to the new website and my heart soared at the news that The Old Schoolhouse has a new owner, who is renovating the property and repurposing it for special events. The anticipated opening is in fall of 2016 and when it happens, I will make a point of stopping by to visit. I hope others will do likewise. This is a very cool place.

Until then I wish the best of luck to Kristin Fehrenbach,  Owner of The Old Schoolhouse Special Events LLC. Hers is, I believe, a worthwhile undertaking.


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